Helen Summerford
MUTS Board President
Race Coordinator
Physical Therapist

I have been running since I was a little kid. After my first marathon 15 years ago, I realized running was a passion and would be a major part of my life. I enjoy passing along my enthusiasm, and I am always looking forward to my next adventure." 


Jenny Hong

MUTS Vice President                                          Pediatric intensive care physician at Batson    Children's Hospital       

This California girl was never much of a runner until I moved to the South and discovered REAL Southern cooking - then running became a necessity. In 2013, just finishing a 5k was a I am an ultrarunner! Imagine that! Whatever distance I'm running, you can usually find me in a JCecil original tutu. Everything's more fun in a tutu!”

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Kathy Clem
MUTS Secretary                                              Chief Executive Officer of the Good Samaritan Center, a nonprofit that helps families in crisis.

“While we all know that an active lifestyle is important, I ultimately appreciate and love the fellowship of people that are active (especially folks that run, cycle, and do triathlons). This fellowship is also why I love being a MUTS board member. And while running is my nemesis (especially as I have started doing triathlons), I found that running trails, while quite challenging, is easier on my body than asphalt and a more soulful experience for this girl that has always loved nature. One of my MUTS goals is to become a better trail runner so that one day I too might be an ULTRA trail athlete.”


Belmont Boswell
MUTS Membership Coordinator

“In November 2011, I ran my first trail race at Oak Mountain State Park in Alabama. It was so incredibly beautiful and challenging that I could not wait to do it again! I had been running for a few years, but after that race, I began spending less time on pavement and more time on dirt. I love being out on the trails, and I love being a part of the trail running community - the two have a very special place in my heart.”


Mike McGehee
MUTS Board member
Claims Manager for Mississippi State Rating Bureau

“As a ‘new’ runner having started several years ago, I have enjoyed competing in marathons, ultra marathons, long distance trail runs and long distance relays events.  I enjoy being a part of the running community and the lifelong friendships that have evolved.  I enjoy running and traveling with friends to race events.”


Paul Van Hoodydonk                                   MUTS Board Member

Skyhawks Sports Jackson & SuperTots Sports Jackson Owner and Coach

"It is ironic that during my high school and college soccer playing days, the part I struggled with the most was the running. Little did I know then, what an important aspect of my life it was to become. Running has given me some of my greatest experiences. It has helped get me through some of my toughest times, and it has given me true and loyal friends. Running keeps me grounded; figuratively and literally (aka faceplants on the trails). It is not always fun. But it is so worth it. Enjoy your next run"


Ethan Mayeu

MUTS Board Member

Engineer – Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality

Growing up in Gulfport, MS, Dr. Carl Touchstone was my orthodontist and I remember hearing (although somewhat unimpressed) stories of his ultra-running while sitting in his office getting braces.  “Who would run that far?” I would wonder, eyes rolling.  “That’s stooopid!” as only a teenager could say.  Little did I know that in 2005 I would run his namesake race, The Carl Touchstone Memorial Mississippi Trail 50, as my first ultra-marathon.  I would run that far, and it would be me that would be that “stooopid”.  But I loved it.  See you on the trails.


Terry Williamson - MUTS Treasurer

Jimmy Giles - board member

Thank You:

Matt Clem - Co-founder and original President

Hal Sistrunk - Co-founder and original Vice President

Joel Neely - original Treasurer

Tiffany Green - original board member